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This is a publicly available benchmark dataset for testing and evaluating novel and state-of-the-art computer vision algorithms. Several researchers and students have requested a benchmark of non-visible (e.g., infrared) images and videos. The benchmark contains videos and images recorded in and beyond the visible spectrum and is available for free to all researchers in the international computer vision communities. This effort were initiated by Dr. ghayoumi and baghdadi in 2014.

This benchmark is to be used for educational and research purposes only, and this benchmark must be acknowledged by the users.
Questions or comments regarding this benchmark should be sent to the benchmark steering committee at Dr. ghayoumi and Baghdadi.

Dataset 01: breast cancer Database

آپلود عکس

Topic of Interest:
breast cancer detection.

Sensor Details:
Raytheon 300D thermal sensor core
75 mm lens
Camera mounted on rooftop of 8-story building
thermal sensitivity:0.1 c at 30 c
Gain/focus on manual control

Data Details:
Pedestrian intersection on the Ohio State University campus
Number of sequences = 10
Total number of images = 30
Format of images = 8-bit grayscale jpg
Image size = 384 x 288 pixels
Sampling rate = non-uniform, less than 30Hz
Environmental information for each sequence provided in subdirectories
Ground truth provided in subdirectories as list of bounding boxes (with approximately same aspect ratio) around people.
For the ground truth data, we selected only those people that were at least 50% visible in the image (i.e., highly occluded people were not selected).

Requested Citation Acknowledgment:
H Ghayoumi Zadeh, A Montazeri, I Abaspur Kazerouni, J Haddadnia "Clustering and screening for breast cancer on thermal images using a combination of SOM and MLP" Computer Methods in Biomechanics and Biomedical Engineering: Imaging & Visualization,2014 [pdf]

Dr. ghayoumi zadeh, ghauomyzadeh[at]

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Dataset 02: IRIS Thermal/Visible Face Database

Topic of Interest:
Simultaneously acquired unregistered thermal and visible face images under variable illuminations, expressions, and poses.

Sensor Details:
Thermal - Raytheon Palm-IR-Pro
Visible - Panasonic WV-CP234

Data Details:
Total size of 1.83 GB
Image size: 320 x 240 pixels (visible and thermal)
4228 pairs of thermal and visible images
176-250 images/person, 11 images per rotation (poses for each expression and each illumination)
30 individuals - Expression, pose, and illumination
Expression: ex1, ex2, ex3 - surprised, laughing, angry (varying poses)
Illumination: Lon (left light on), Ron (right light on), 2on (both lights on), dark (dark room), off (left and right lights off), varying poses

Requested Citation Acknowledgment:
IEEE OTCBVS WS Series Bench; DOE University Research Program in Robotics under grant DOE-DE-FG02-86NE37968; DOD/TACOM/NAC/ARC Program under grant R01-1344-18; FAA/NSSA grant R01-1344-48/49; Office of Naval Research under grant #N000143010022.

Point of Contact:
Besma Abidi, besma[at]

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